From British Columbia to Your Front Door


Our beautiful Flowers are now readily available to the Canadian Public to simply buy weed online through our mail order marijuana service. Offering top shelf quality every time for whatever strain you need. Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, all new Exotic strains or the heaviest hitting Kush in Canada. It can all be found right here. All of our flowers here at are first graded for their overall quality level from all its physical properties. Look, smell, appearance, burn, bust, before being brought to the table.

We don’t look at anything below AAA+ just to start start. Once we hand picked a few strains to look into that passed all of our original tests, we decide on only a select few specific strains to carry. Once we choose, we go in-depth on its strains inner properties and effects, and before posting for sale we make sure it met all AAAA quality cannabis requirements. We always make sure it is of the utmost premium quality because its the least we can do. We have the option to do so, we have the choice, regardless of price.

Most Canadians don’t have that option, here in Beautiful British Columbia has its advantage of having a very talented and competitive grow market for cannabis and we want to offer this to all ailing and deserving Canadians! A lot of websites online don’t send actual product depicted so don’t fall for cheap prices, you can never get the best things in life in comparison for cheap, same with our medicine. We pride ourselves in only offering the best options for flowers available in the whole country, right here in our shop.