How to Buy Seeds for Marijuana

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If you want to grow marijuana, the first step is to know how to buy seeds for marijuana. Without the right knowledge, you will have difficulty knowing what to buy and how to raise it. With this, keep on reading and learn some of the basic things that you should know about marijuana seeds.

how to buy seeds for marijuana

How to Buy Seeds for Marijuana

About Male and Female Marijuana Plants

The cannabis sold in dispensaries is called sinsemilla. It is seedless and has high potency. They are female plants grown away from male plants. It is important to note that cannabis is dioecious, which means that there are two sexes. They have reproductive organs separate from each other. However, in some instances, marijuana plants have both male and female organs, especially in older plants.

Feminised plants are female plants that can reproduce on their own through spraying them with colloidal silver or a technique called novelisation. The plants that come from these seeds are like the original plant. If you buy seeds from a feminised plant, you can expect the child of the plant to be exactly the same as the original female.

Considering Strains of Marijuana

When you buy seeds, you should consider the strain of the plants that produced them. The strains of marijuana are varied and plentiful. They are unique in their own way, such as through taste and potency, among others. Before you buy seeds, look for information about the marijuana plant that produced those seeds. There are many breeders who spend a lot of time crossbreeding plants to produce new and better strains. For beginners, creating the perfect strain is overwhelming. Therefore, thorough research is important before you buy. If you choose high-quality plants, it is more likely that you will produce high-quality seeds.

How to Grow the Seeds

After you buy Marijuana weed seeds, you’ll need to understand how to care for the plant. You should be familiar about the growth of the plant. With this, the first part of the process is germination. At this point, the seeds will begin to sprout. Once it sprouts, a small white tendril will appear on the plant. This is what you call taproot. Sprouting occurs when hard seeds are exposed to moisture between 24 and 36 hours.

When growing marijuana seeds, it is important to have a warm environment. The temperature needs to be warm but never hot. When the taproot appears, you should point it down, which will encourage the growth of root. Meanwhile, when planting seeds, bury it two inches under the soil. Do not allow it to fully dry. After germination, your main concern is to make sure it is well-maintained. Take care of it properly to ensure the growth of high-quality seeds from your plant.

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