The full cultivation process to Extract all components (cannabinoids) needed to produce some of these THC Extracts and Concentrates is one of sciences most interesting processes. I tell you that from experience dealing with many licensed producers and companies we do business with that produce these extracts from scratch and it all starts with a beautiful flower.

All of our products using the highest quality professional grade equipment, this makes all the difference and is the equalizer in extract production. You can usually spot if it has been produced using the best equipment is through its clarity, purity of the extracts and all licensed producers must use this equipment. All Concentrates start with Premium cannabis only, unlike many other sources for Extracts.

Many producers use only the left overs from big crops of their flowers. Let me tell you the difference in quality is night and day and to have access to buy extracts online from our storefront is an opportunity. An opportunity to taste some of the best marijuana Extracts and concentrates produced in todays market, delivered to your door.