Who is Weed Daddy?

Quality and Peace of Mind are Priceless

Weeddaddy.ca is here to provide you with a trusted source of only the most rare, premium options of Medicinal Marijuana that British Columbia has to offer. Indica’s, Sativa’s, Hybrid’s, Hash, Budder, Shatter, Edibles, all AAAA quality from the BEST Producers on the Planet!

Our mail-order marijuana site will be your one-stop shop for all of your medicinal needs, period. Doctor’s consent not required, but must be 19+ to medicate yourself. The natural alternative to potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals, we are confident our product speaks for itself, whatever your ailment may be.

Priced accordingly because we believe in quality over quantity: it’s essential to spend more to get more beneficial products. Less superior pot for slightly cheaper is only a win for the salesman and a mistake for the consumer — the margins are the same, believe me. The daily consumer can get the best of the best for a marginal difference. We don’t mind going the extra mile to obtain superior, cleaner, healthier products, the results show clearly.

TOP quality product and piece of mind are priceless, we are offering you both I promise you that. Currently only shipping to Canada and again you must be 19+ years of age. Our innovative company has made it possible to safely and effortlessly purchase medicinals, straight from our site and directly to your door in discreet packaging. We guarantee that our products come from the top growers our province has to offer, with weed that’s even BETTER than your dispensary’s selection, plus the added bonus of Delivery!

The top dispensaries here in Vancouver have a substantial amount of Weed Daddy Products, and we get them First. All of our products are hand-picked from the best crops on the planet, and we select only the best and rarest of the bunch, grading it for you before sale. Everything we have is AAA+ and up. No order too big or small — feel free to email us for more info on special orders. Just enter your email and phone number for quick consultation through one of our online forms and we’ll send you a complimentary promo code to use for your business purchases.

Don’t get involved with fraudulent websites who over-charge for AVERAGE pot, or offer cheap prices for BELOW average pot. We see the significance in value and believe that everyone should consider spending the few extra dollars per gram, in order to feel the difference! After all, what we put into our bodies daily should be of the highest quality! Let us give you the cleanest and rarest marijuana options we have to offer from our friends here at Weeddaddy.ca, British Columbia.

Yours truly,

Weed Daddy
Premium B.C. Products. GreatCanadianService.


How to Order & Become a Member

Weeddaddy.ca is here to simplify all of your medical needs with everything you need, just 1 click away! No order too big or small (please enquire through email for larger quantities). It is very easy to become a member and start getting real, premium weed online delivered to your door. Process only takes a few minutes — No Hassle, No Doctor Needed! Just follow these 3 simple steps to gain access:

#1 Sign up to Weeddaddy.ca through one of the sign up forms on the site. Give us your Name, Mailing Address, and Phone Number so we have a way to contact you and send you your package.

#2 Now you are signed up with our Weeddaddy.ca mailing list which will always give you coupons and incentives for your business.

#3 Once you are signed up, you are free to purchase any product on the site! We will do a phone consultation with you before we ship your order, to confirm legal age and ask what type of products you prefer. Plus if you have any questions, we can serve you the best from day one, as we are consumers too. After a brief consultation, your package is sent using discreet packaging and priority mail which you will receive within 1-2 business days. Enjoy!

We will also be doing a first time 20% off appreciation bonus for every customer that leaves us Honest and positive feedback! Just send us an email with the link to your comment and we will be happy to send you a discount code to use on future purchases. We look forward to serving our nation with the best medicinal pot options there are to offer. Have a wonderful day!

Weed Daddy

Premium B.C. Products. Great Canadian Service. weeddaddycanada@gmail.com